Monday, June 8, 2009

Best friends forever Part 1

Over the past few days, my Very Best Friends needed me.  They each needed an ear to listen to them.  One of my very best friends is the mother of 2 young children, whose husband is on the road for work 5 days a week.  Her house is on the market, (in this terrible economy,) they really need to move, and she just needed a bitch session because of all the stress she is under.  Another of my very best friends is just having troubles on the home front, and wanted an ear to listen, a voice of encouragement and a hug.  A third very best friend, this one a guy, just wanted to talk, and get a females viewpoint on things.  And I was there for all of them.....and in turn, they have all been there for me.  They have all been there for the bitch sessions, to laugh with me, to cry (and cry, cry, cry, cry, cry and cry and cry and cry.........and rust!) with me.  They have stopped in their tracks when I have needed them, held my hand, given me pats on the back, hugs, been there for me when I thought I was all alone in the world, and have given me the chance to grow wings and fly.  I in turn have done the same for them.  I have held their hands, held their heads while they got sick, played the intermediary with their parents over disputes about such things as boyfriends, helped them home when they were drunk, and I too helped them and watched as they grew wings and flew.

As a very best friend, we have the most wonderful opportunities in the world.  The opportunities to give and receive unconditional love.  It's not the kind of love we feel for our spouses or even for our families.  It is a very different kind of love, a very special kind of love that one only holds for their Very Best of Friends.  This kind of love is the kind that is always there, even when you and your best friends haven't spoken in ages, and one day you pick up the phone and speak for hours, as if time has never passed by.  It is the kind of love that you will always have, even if your lives go in two different directions for a while.  Even if your families lives are totally different, even if you live 300 miles (or more) from each other, you are still there for each other no matter what.  Your love knows no boundaries or miles, or NJ Turnpike exits! (And one can only hope that one day soon, those miles that distance you will vanish!)

And yes, I do love all my friends.  I feel very lucky to have as many friends as I do, but I feel especially lucky to have more than one Very Best Friend.  As I stated in my last blog "You Gotta Have Heart," you each own a piece of my heart!  I love you guys so much, unconditionally, in every way.  Know that I am always there for you, to laugh with, to cry with, to bitch with, with a shoulder to cry on, and with my arms out to hug you (even if I'm not there to do it in person, although you know that I would much rather hug you all in person.....hugging the air just isn't the same as hugging you!) I'm aways there for a Starbucks run or just to go out and run with....or just to run away with when you need to run from life (I'm game...let's go to guys in?) Because lets face it, in the world right now, with things the way they are, there is not much you can count on, but you know you can always count on me, because I'm your Very Best Friend. And if you can't count on your Very Best Friend....who can you count on?